Crypto Mining and Crypto currency taxation

I am a crypto enthusiast, supporter, miner, and investor so i thought it would be important that i share useful information for anyone who is currently mining crypto currency and especially for those mining if California where i am based out of. Some background on my operation which i am going to be using an […]

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CA Conforms to Federal Qualified Disaster Provisions

California now conforms to the Federal provision that allows the Taxpayer the option of including the qualified disaster distribution over a 3 year period.  Previously California did not conform to this Federal provision. Qualified Disaster Distributions: Federal law allows the option of spreading out income inclusion of up to $100,000 from eligible retirement plans over […]

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2018 Tax Deadlines

Deadlines: For 2018, the original filing deadline for 2017 personal income tax returns is Tuesday, April 17, 2018. Business due dates are as follows: Business Tax Renewal Forms are Delinquent After February 28, 2018. For your convenience you can electronically file at finance.lacity.org For more Information please visit the following links: Renewal Information 2018 Business Tax Information New […]

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Bitcoin Tax Implications

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that has grown extraordinarily over the past seven years. I have clients who have used, exchanged, and traded bitcoin and are confused on how the determine the tax for their cryptocurrency. I understand an attractive aspect of using cryptocurrencies is that there are no intermediaries that demand a cut, but that […]

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